QR Code Uses

QR codes have become common place consumer advertising such as flyer’s and magazines. Most always, the typical way a qr code is read is by smartphone cameras. Once an app is installed, the camera becomes a QR code scanner, converting it into useful a form such as a website URL and allowing user to navigate to website without typing in the address.

Today, QR Codes are an advertising strategy as one can access a Companies website more quickly (and without errors) than by manually entering a URL. This is a huge convenience to the consumer and to the Companies that use them as it can increase their conversion rate! Many Companies have proven that including a qr code in their advertisement helps convert tire kickers into buyers. Smart Companies have learned that making it easier for prospects to transverse the sales funnel translate into more sales.

QR code uses are numerous these days from print to web site navigation.

As stated in an earlier post, qr codes were originally developed to track vehicle parts in manufacturing environment. Today QR codes are used over a much broader range of consumer applications. These can include commercial tracking, entertainment and event ticketing, product loyalty marketing and in-store product labeling. Some examples of effective qr code marketing are offering discounted products or storing a company’s phone and address information.

Our software “Easy QR Code Generator” can create the following types of qr codes:

  • URL to any website or products
  • Address to most any location on earth
  • Send an email
  • Plain text
  • Telephone number
  • Send SMS
  • Display WIFI Info
  • Build a v-card
  • PayPal payments

QR codes storing physical addresses and URL’s appear in magazines, on advertisement signs, sides of buses, on business cards, or most any object where users might want information. Users with a camera mobile phone and qr code scanning app can scan the image of a QR code to display text, contact information, connect to wireless networks, or open a web page in a browser. QR codes also may be linked to a location so the scanner can automatically have it imported into their Map app.

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